South Carolina Reporting 22 Infractions of NCAA Rules

Posted on Aug 3 2014 - 2:52pm by Ray

South Carolina has took the liberty to self report 22 infractions. They are all mainly minor infractions with one being as simple as ‘ impermissible iced decorations’. A couple of them were a  little more severe. One was were a recruit took a picture with a current NFL player that played for the Gamecocks. The other is were a recruit took a picture wearing a unnamed Gamecock’s jersey and posted it on twitter. There  is also a few were coaches were sending impermissible text messages to recruits.

These kinds of infractions are very common in the college football recruiting world and has got the NCAA rethinking if they need to change some of them. In  today’s modern world, it’s very easy to commit these simple infractions. I’m sure the old ball coach (Steve Spurrier)  is already trying to come with some crazy saying to get us all to laugh at this. It is unreported what the NCAA will do about this if not anything at all.

  The Gamecocks began football practice on Friday night. They open the season Aug. 28 at home against Texas A&M