Should Gator fans be concerned about injuries?

Posted on Sep 27 2013 - 1:53pm by Ray

A lot of people are concerned that Florida’s season is completely tarnished. Well don’t think so fast, because its not.

With quarterback Jeff Driskel and DT Dominique Easley out for the remainder of the season, yeah its a big blow but its no reason to hang your head. I honestly don’t see too much of a change from this. I think its going to be more interesting to see how their offense develops with Tyler Murphy taking the snaps.

With the absence of Driskel, offensive coordinator Brent Pease will have to shake things up a bit and that could be a good thing. Maybe a change is what the Gators need.

Both Driskel and Murphy are dual-threat quarterbacks but Florida seemed like they were digging a bigger hole with Driskel and that conservative ball-control offense.

Murphy can make more things happen on the ground, which should allow Pease to run a Urban Meyer pro-style offense.

Florida has always been known by having a monster defense, so with the loss of Easley I don’t think there will be any drastic. Their defense is young and talented and they should be exciting to watch.