LSU Makes Florida’s Offense Look Offensive

Posted on Oct 13 2013 - 12:38am by Ray

Six points. Six lousy points. That is all the Florida Gators could muster in four quarters of football against an LSU Tigers team that gave up 44 to the Georgia Bulldogs two weeks ago looked like the second coming of the Steel Curtain. Florida’s offensive line was just that. Offensive. The defense played well enough, holding a prolific LSU offense to 17 points. But with no time to throw, Gator quarterback Tyler Murphy was unable to put the Gators in the end zone.

This is really embarrassing for a school known for the high powered offenses of Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer. There is no Fun-n-Gun in Gainesville anymore. There are big plays out there to be made if this team would give Murphy as little time. Trey Burton was running free in the secondary on one play, but Murphy had a Tiger defender grabbing his leg and had to flip a left-handed wobbler to a running back.

Florida fans have no complaints about the defense under Coach Will Muschamp. They are very good. But at some point this team needs to concentrate on getting the ball across the goal line. They have been terrible in the Red Zone now for four or five years. Thee has been two areas where this team has been bad in those years. Those are the offensive line and wide receivers. When you are bad at those positions, it makes it difficult to score on a good SEC defense.

Florida has to get better at those two spots. But when you have the reputation of being a 17-14 type team, understandably the best receivers and pass blockers are not too thrilled about playing at your school. So they need to get better with the guys they have. The problem is, without putting the ball up, it is tough to get better. Will Muschamp does not want to put the ball up, especially when he is winning. So there is the vicious circle that will stop the Gators from being a championship caliber team as long as Muschamp coaches them.