Florida Fans Desperate To Have Dan Mullen Back

Posted on Oct 15 2014 - 2:17am by Ray

Who remembers when the Florida fans created the web page, fireronzook.com, when they were eager for a new coach? Well it looks like their back again but with a different page called “HireDanMullen.com.”

That site and as well as another, “WeWantDan.com” recently appeared on the web as the Florida Gators struggle to a 3-2 record (2-2 in SEC). The two web pages that seem to be created alike, are not owned by the same person.

Now, there is a lot of talk around the nation that the Gators need to fire Will Muschamp. Do I agree? Yes, I do. Will the Gators have the nerve to fire Muschamp after this season? Absolutely. The way things are looking right now, Muschamp will be unemployed after this brutal season. Its been 3 1/2 years and Muschamp hasn’t had any success what so ever. But most of the Gator fans think Dan Mullen is the right guy to replace Muschamp. What do you think? I mean, its hard to say because of the success that Dan Mullen is having at Mississippi State. Hell, their ranked No. 1, hes getting good pay, his family loves Starkville, what more could he want? Hes one helluva recruiter, just look back at his Florida days when he helped bring in Tim Tebow and Cam Newton. Even if Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott leaves after his junior year, I promise you that Mullen will bring in another big, strong, athletic quarterback who will be a Heisman contender.

Now if I were UF’s AD, Jeremy Foley, I would take a shot at bringing Mullen back to Gainesville. Mullen has paid his dues. He has proven that he can build a program and win big games, he lead the Gators to a pair of championships in 2006 and 2008, and has beat three top 10 teams in a row. Foley knows him. The Gator fans know him. Everyone clearly knows Muschamp is the Achilles heel in the Florida program and it needs fixed asap. But hey, what do we know right? We’re just avid fans who love to talk college football.

But hey, you never know what could happen. It might be a little too early for such talk but maybe the Gators will get a late Christmas present after the season.

Who do you think should be the next head coach for the Florida Gators? Let us know.