College Football Preseason Rankings Are Coming Out

Posted on Aug 1 2014 - 12:33am by Ray

Once again we have come to that time of year when college football teams are reporting to preseason camp. Another year when really every team in the country is starting with a clean slate (0-0).  Yet the preseason rankings are starting to come out and trying to tell us who’s the best 25 teams in the nation before one snap  is ever played. I honestly don’t trust preseason rankings. They are just based off of what those teams did the year before. With everything that happens to a team over the course of an off season, You can not really justify a ranking based off the previous season. Take for instant the Florida Gators. Based off of a 4-8 record last year, they should not be that great this year. Keep in mind the Florida gators were littered with injuries last year. That was basically the same team that went 11-2 and 7-1 in the SEC in 2012. The Georgia Bulldogs are another example of a team that was littered with injuries. Yet they still managed to go 8-5 last year. That same team was 12-2  in 2012 and was one play away from going to a national championship. Injuries to a team is like driving a car that needs a tune-up. It just slows the team down and they are doomed for the rest of the season.  So I say give it about 3 games into the season before we start ranking these teams. Stay tuned to SecBeat.Com and I will start ranking these teams based off of this years team starting week 3.