Clowney’s Misstep

Posted on Oct 11 2013 - 1:50pm by Ray

Jadeveon Clowney spoke to the media after the South Carolina Gamecocks’ practice Tuesday, and announced that he was questionable for Saturday’s game against Arkansas with a sprain near his ribs. Clowney told reporters that his last minute decision to sit out of the Gamecock’s game last Saturday was a “miscommunication” between the training staff, himself, and head coach Steve Spurrier. “I should’ve handled it different, but it was a miscommunication. They responded to me going back and telling them what was going on and they realized the injury was more serious than they thought,” Clowney stated. After his late decision to sit out right before kickoff, heaps of questions arose of if he was really injured or sitting our for personal reasons.

The South Carolina team’s best player insists that he will be back on the field when he is healthy and coach says it is alright. Head coach Steve Spurrier addressed the media and stated “I just want to clear the air that Jadeveon — all those No. 7 jerseys and all the money he has made for our school — he has been a tremendous, important player. Every Gamecock, including me, the coaches and everybody else, we need to be appreciative that he chose South Carolina. He could have gone anywhere in the country. He is a big reason we have had those seasons. He is trying to do all he can to get ready to play.” Spurrier stood up for his team’s best player and assured all Gamecock fans that Clowney will be back on the field as soon as he is healthy. As for the miscommunication before the Arkansas game head coach said that the staff and himself handled it poorly, “This was a situation that he had something that was really bothering him and hopefully it will be taken care of real soon…He is hurt. If he doesn’t play another down every Gamecock should be thankful he is here.”

This has not been the season for Jadeveon Clowney that anyone predicted. Clowney is coming off an impressive 2012 season recording 52 tackles, with 40 of them being solo, and 13 sacks. Last season he gained accolades for his hit on Michigan running back Vincent Smith in the Outback Bowl. The video of Clowney completely trucking the running back, forcing the fumble and keeping the game alive for the Gamecocks went viral. As a result of his notable season last year, Clowney began the season as one of the Heisman hopefuls, but has only recorded 12 tackles and 2 sacks according to Cfbstats. Clowney assures that all is well. “When I get back healthy, I’m going to play and do my job and take care of business on the field.”

Information from The Associated Press, ESPN, The Bleacher Report, USAtoday and sbnation was used in this article.